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Dora Duran Fine Art
Dora Duran Fine Art

  • Dora's Thoughts on Art

    Q: What makes your style unique?


    "My work is comprised of realistic, surrealistic, and also abstract pieces and my medium of choice is oil on canvas. My preferred style to paint in is abstract given that it allows people to look for what the work is trying to say, it makes them wonder what the intent of the artist was in making it, but most importantly, allows for each observer to interpret it in his or her own way and give it a meaning that’s important to that individual. To me, there is little meaning in a realistic painting of an apple for example and such works might as well be a picture and nobody would know the difference.

    I create my work as a way to express myself and show the things that are currently on my mind. When I have painted a beach or a beautiful landscape, it is likely that I felt disconnected from nature and needing that escape. When I have painted images of a dancer, I was likely thinking back to the days when I danced on television and in shows put together by my brothers and I. And when I painted an abstract piece with a man’s face, two women, and a child, I was likely channeling my feelings concerning men who have left behind their children and wives for a secret rendezvous - not that I have experienced this myself, but I want my audiences to feel like they can connect with my pieces. If a single divorced mother were to look at that piece and feel like she isn’t alone, I have done good in my eyes.

    Most of my inspiration comes from stories I hear from friends, memories I have made, and often what I feel in the moment. I seldom plan ahead what I’m going to paint or how and what colors I’m going to use. I tend to set the canvas before me and let my hand paint on it’s own and the painting come together as I progress. Usually I find I have created my best works in this way. "